Terms Of Use

By purchase and/or downloading any design created and distributed by ABC Creations via any avenue you obtain it you are agreeing to these Terms of Use.

  • You may sell the finished item used from our design. This means if you purchase a Snap Tab design you may sell the finished snap tab. This does not mean you can alter the files and “resell” the design as a new finished item.
  • You may alter the design to add items such as text, frames, borders, etc., or even remove items such as the border to make your own version of another item.
  • You may not alter our designs to resell or offer for free in any way, shape or form.
  • You may not under any circumstances give anyone our designs to make “corrections” or “alter” the design in any way! ABC Creations owns the copyright to all designs created and  listed, we are happy to revised/edit files however please understand this may incur a Digitization fee.

Website Photos:

  • You may use our photos to gauge interest with your customers/clients however the image may not be “cropped”, “blurred” or “Skewed” in any way that would make our watermark illegible to the receiver.

Please note that these TOU’s are subject to change without notice at any time with or without written notification or warning. Please check back frequently as we may alter/change these terms at any given time.